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Every product and grout stain colorant colors on this web site is in stock for immediate delivery! If you need any help with your coloring project no matter the size call us we have over 30 years experience in the Tile & Grout Installation and Restoration field and we are here to help :) Grout Stain prepared fresh everyday for our customers. Last product update 01-01-15 Click HERE to see GDC Colorant Application Video.


          Click HERE to see GDC Colorant Application Video. Click HERE to Buy or See our Grout Stain color Charts!

Uses: Colors & Seals Grout joints on Porcelain tile, Ceramic, Marble and Natural stone grout and mortar joints. Used on floors, countertops, walls, sanded and un sander grout both cement and epoxy based. Excellent for high traffic areas, walkways, ramps, foyers, entrance ramps, etc. Used extensively for commercial kitchens, airports, restaurants, hotels, saline and chlorinated pools homes and any where grout is hard to maintain.

Advantages: Grout Stain is a high performance sealer that extends grout joint life and reduces daily maintenance to a minimum. Resists wear, abrasion, dirt, grease, chemicals, oil, and gasoline. Prevents stains and is highly water resistant. Dries quickly and true to color. Leaves a natural appearance to the grout, enhancing the appearance. Safe, non-hazardous, and nearly odorless. Grout Stain is repairable--sections of a floor may be reapplied..

Limitations: Do not use on tumbled marble, limestone, and other porous tiles or stone, unless they are pre sealed. Do not use over metal or wood substrates. Protect from freezing. Freeze-thaw stable for five cycles.

Composition & Materials: Water based, Fluoropolymer epoxy resin, supplied in water based vehicle. Formulated with penetrating, leveling, and film toughening additives. Grout Stain is used directly from the container and should not be mixed or diluted with any other additives.

Packaging: Packaged 8 oz bottles and Gallon sizes avaliable.

Colors: Available in all grout manufacturers colors

Click here for directions on applying Grout Stain

Installation: Surface Preparation: Tile and grout must be clean and dry. Freshly grouted joints between ceramic tile must be fully cured 14 days before application.
Application: Simply apply the GDC grout stain with a simple toothbrush or our GDC applicator bottle to the grout, working into the pores of the grout with a back and forth motion. Grout stain will dry in grout in under a minute, excess on tile will take longer to dry, simply remove excess off tile with a folded cotton cloth in a flat circular motion.

Precautions: Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact wash thoroughly with water. For eyes, get prompt medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.
Cleaning: Wash with water while moist.
Extended Storage life: 10 years if stored in cool, dry location. Close partially used containers tightly after each use.

Maintenance: Grout Stain is a tough, resilient material. Rinse floors with mild soap and water to remove dirt.


Click for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)