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Custom Color Package

If you can't find the color that you want or need a specific color then we would be glad to make you a Custom Color. Simply purchase our Custom Color Package and our colorists will mix our product to your custom color sample. Once your order is placed we will send you a e-mail with our mailing address for you to send your color sample to. Once received we will then make your color and send it back to you. The Custom Color Package comes with two bottles (8 ounces each) of our Groutdye.  If at any time you have any question concerning this package please don't hesitate to contact us. We can match any color under the sun.  We ask that color samples be at least 2"x2" and are non glossy and non transparent. If you have a sample that is not like this let us know and we will let you know if we can reproduce it or not. Email us at groutdye.com@gmail.com or groutdye@aol.com 

Custom Color Package


Custom Color Package $109.95 Includes two (8 ounce) bottles. (This is a non refundable or replaceable item


Extra Custom Color Bottles of the same color.


Extra-Custom Color Bottles - $39.98 each (8 ounce) bottle- please note you must first order custom color package (This is a non refundable or replaceable item


Email us at: groutdye.com@gmail.com or groutdye@aol.com 

Call us at: 804-476-8812 or 804-Grout12

Text us at: 804-476-8812 or 804-Grout12

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