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  Neutral pH Cleaner Concentrate 

For cleaning-  Mix eight ounces of the Neutral Ph Concentrate with two gallons of water. Use mixture to clean your tile and grout with. Let dry completely before walking on the floor.

Safety First- Always use in a well ventilated area. Always wear safety gloves and safety glasses and safety mask. It is the end users responsibility to do a test area first to determine if the product is right for your needs. Always use common sense when working with any chemical. Always protect yourself and your surroundings. Always keep out of the reach of children and dispose of any extra product correctly. Always store any extra product in the proper container.


  Neutral pH Tile & Grout Cleaner Concentrate $9.95 per (8 OUNCES) bottle


Neutral pH Tile & Grout Cleaner Concentrate $119.95 per (ONE GALLON) bottle



Keep out of reach of children .Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Gloves and eye protection should be worn during application

IF INGESTED: Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention

EYE AND SKIN CONTACT: Flush thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention

Always do a test area  first, wait 1 hour for results.  Close container after each use.  For best results, do not store in direct sunlight or in temperatures above 110° F (43° C).  Use in temperatures between 50 and 80° F (10 and 27° C)  

Safety first -  It is strongly advised that you use Common Safety Sense when dealing with these or any household cleaning products and chemicals. Wear, Safety glasses, Gloves, and use a mask if needed. And always keep the area well ventilated while working, by opening a window or using a fan. Remember to keep these and other chemical products out of the reach of children. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Use safety measures in the home and the work place. 

User responsibility- Always do a test area to determine if these products are suitable for your needs.  Do test area first to determine colorant color, adherence and cleanup methods needed. wait 1 hour for results. Again It is the responsibility of the customer and or end user to determine whether or not the use of these products is suitable for their purpose and needs. 

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