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If your tile grout has been previously sealed.

Our GDC grout stain colorants form a very strong bond to, cement based grouts. However to increase that bond it is important to make sure the the grout is free of and dirt, sealers or other contaminants, to achieve this, we recommend that you use our GDC sealer remover, before colorant application. And for older grouts you can use the GDC pre treat cleaner, after the sealer remover has been used. The pre treat cleaner will make the grout more porous and will allow the grout to absorb the colorant deeper. If you are not sure whether or not the grout has been sealed  try this test below.

Try this test 

  • Place some water on the grout, if it darkens, that's because the grout is porous and their is no sealer present, and will readily absorb moisture, which is ideal for colorant application.

  • If the grout remains the same color and the water beads up then the grout is sealed and needs to be stripped, with our GDC sealer remover.

  • After your grout is sealer free, cleaned and then color sealed, you could pour coffee all over it an it would wipe up clean.

Below are the easy to understand steps. To prepare  your existing grout for colorant. Please note that you might not need to do all of the below steps to prepare your grout for colorant.  Please print this out for easy reference.

  • If your grout had been sealed before,  or if your grout was colored with a grout colorant before, you must do  Step One first.  If you are not sure if it was sealed or colored then do this simple test, pour some water on your grout, if the grout stays the same color or the water beads-ups (like when you wax your car), that usually means that it was sealed or colored. and you must do Step One below.  If the grout changes color (gets darker) or the water absorbs into the grout then you can skip to Step Two.. 


    • Step One- you will have to use a Tile and Grout sealer remover, to remove the old sealer  before you can color the grout , use your own sealer remover or purchase our GDC sealer remover.


    • Step Two-repair any missing or cracked grout, you can put in any color grout that you want, it will not matter because the colorant will make all of the grout one even color. If you have sanded grout (very rough) then you should do your repairs with a sanded grout. If you have unsanded grout (smooth) than you should do your repairs with a unsanded grout.  Let the repair "cure" for 7 days before applying the colorant
    • Step Three- If your grout is newly installed (less than a month old) and is in good condition and very clean and was not washed with heavy chemicals than you can skip this step and go on to Step Four.  Clean all of the grout with this solution-- 1/2 cup white vinegar to 2 gallons of hot water, scrub the grout with a small stiff brush, (make a new solution if the solution gets dirty or as necessary) then rinse the entire floor with water, let the grout dry for at least 48 hours before applying the colorant.
    • Step Four-Pour Grout Colorant into a small dish and apply onto grout joint using a toothbrush or If using a GDC application bottle, pour colorant into the bottle and apply directly to grout joint. While lightly applying pressure on the bottle gently allow colorant to evenly flow out. Spread evenly, working Grout Colorant into joint using a back-and-forth motion Do a small workable area at one time. Clean colorant off of the tile with a dry rag no water, wipe excess off tile as you go, skimming lightly over the grout joint. After grout colorant is applied and excess is cleaned up from tile,  Do not put heavy amounts of water on your floor for the first week. Wipe up any spills with a damp sponge.  The first real cleaning of your floor should be with warm water only no chemicals, For floors first sweep area. Then mop while rinsing the mop and changing the water constantly.  After the first cleaning you can use a Neutral pH cleaner to clean and maintain your floor.  Never use vinegar, bleach, acids, alkalis, or ammonia when maintaining floors. And always vacuum or sweep before mopping your floor.  Save any extra colorant in a tightly sealed container for "touch-ups". If going from a dark to light grout color, more than 1 application may be necessary.
    • Step Five-enjoy the look of your restored floor or walls and please tell all of your friends about it !!!!!!!







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